How we produce gas

AWE is a highly competent and capable operator with extensive international experience and expertise in upstream oil and gas operations including the long-term production of oil and gas from conventional reservoirs in the north Perth Basin.

AWE is not pursuing Coal Seam Gas (CSG) in the Perth Basin, but is exploring for shale gas, tight gas and conventional oil and gas targets.

awe-careersConventional oil and gas operations (onshore and offshore)

Oil and natural gas have been produced from a number of conventional reservoirs in the Perth Basin including the onshore Cliff Head oil project and the onshore Dongara and Woodada fields. Learn more about how oil and natural gas is produced from conventional reservoirs through APPEA’s Oil and Gas explained resource.



Learn how AWE produces gas

Difference between conventional, shale, tight and coal seam gas

Natural gas is identified by the geology of the underground area where it is sourced from. Learn more about the difference between shale, tight and coal seam gas.



Our onshore Perth Basin oil and gas fields are located near Dongara, approximately 360 kilometres north of PerthHow does hydraulic fracturing work?

Hydraulic fracturing is a technique used after a well has been drilled which increases the flow of oil and gas into a well from trapped underground reservoirs. Learn more about how the hydraulic fracturing process works.




Keeping hydraulic fracturing safe

AWE has extensive protection measures in place to ensure that its exploration and production activities can be undertaken safely and without causing harm to people or the environment. Learn more about how AWE keeps hydraulic fracturing safe.