Focused on health and safety

AWE has a track record of success in managing safe drilling and production operations in the Perth Basin. Along with our predecessors, we have successfully drilled more than 80 wells in the onshore Perth Basin with no significant adverse impacts detected on the below ground aquifers or above ground environment.

AWE recognises the need for our exploration and production activities to be sustainable to deliver positive long term outcomes for our communities, the environment and our shareholders.

We are proud of this history and confident in our ability to uphold this reputation in the future because of the right processes and accountabilities that are in place.

We design with safety in mind, beginning with our initial planning and development stage and our ongoing relationship with Western Australia’s government regulators and stakeholders.

Maintaining AWE’s ‘social licence to operate’ depends on our ability to continue to not just meet and exceed regulatory standards, but also to meet our own higher standards of health and safety, environmental management, diversity and community engagement. View AWE’s Sustainability Reports.

planning at aweHow we plan and develop our projects

Before AWE begins a proposal to develop a project we complete a comprehensive risk assessment and engage with our stakeholders. Learn more about how we plan and develop our projects.



awe-communityEngaging local landowners and traditional owners

AWE engages local landowners from the outset to understand requirements and mitigate any impacts that might occur as a result of exploration and development activities. Learn more about engaging local landowners and traditional owners.




Environmental regulations

AWE is committed to operating in environmentally responsibly ways which help protect the surrounding environment and people. Learn more about how we abide by our environmental regulations.