Community engagement

AWE engages extensively, especially with the local community. We hold community information meetings, place advertisements in the local paper before and after each meeting, send letters containing project information direct to local residents and respond promptly to any enquiries we receive.

During recent projects, we have held numerous discussions with the local shires so that community leaders are aware of our plans. We’ve also established a dedicated Mid West website so people can access relevant local information.

Dongara football

More recently, to increase the level of engagement between AWE and residents of the Shire of Coorow even further, the company has sponsored the formation of an independently facilitated Community Reference Group.

This Group operates independently of AWE, although AWE does provide information specifically requested by the Group and, like a number of other stakeholders, including regulators and subject matter experts, participates in the group by invitation.

AWE believes community and stakeholder engagement is part of an ongoing process with the local communities in which it operates. Further engagement is planned as AWE finalises its forward exploration and development plans.