What we do

  • AWE’s operations in the north Perth Basin are located near the town of Dongara approximately 360km north of Perth and 65km south of Geraldton in Western Australia.
  • Health, safety and environment protection are our highest priorities.
  • We are actively exploring, appraising, developing and producing oil and gas in a number of locations.
  • AWE’s projects cover the full life-cycle range in oil and gas, from exploration to production and decommissioning.
  • The locations of our current projects are highlighted in the following map. More details on projects are below the map:
Map of AWE operations in the Mid West Perth Basin

Map of AWE operations in the Mid West

There are currently both conventional and unconventional projects in the Perth Basin at various stages of project life-cycle including:



  • Dongara Processing Facility (AWE Operator)
  • Corybas (AWE Operator)
  • Cliff Head
  • Beharra Springs

Decommissioning and rehabilitation

AWE is undertaking well site decommissioning activities in the Shire of Irwin as part of a campaign to rehabilitate well sites which are no longer in use. Decommissioning is an established industry practice undertaken at the end of a well’s life using a decommissioning plan approved by the government regulator.