History of oil and gas in the Perth Basin

  • Large scale oil exploration began in the Western Australia in 1952, in 1953 oil was discovered at Rough Range in the North West, a turning point for oil exploration in WA and Australia
  • The first natural gas discovery was at Yardarino-1 in 1964 by WAPET. This led to the nearby, substantial Dongara discovery, the first natural gas field in the state.
  • Natural gas was first produced for sale from the Dongara gas field in October 1971 and resulted in the construction of the first gas pipeline in the state.
  • Over the decades, AWE has been working amongst other land users and business sectors such as local farmers and the tourism and agricultural industries, which has enabled long-term relationships to develop in the community.
  • Since then, the following activities have been undertaken in the region:
    • Field exploration
    • Seismic acquisition
    • Exploration and development drilling
    • Construction of plant infrastructure and pipelines
    • Production and processing of oil and gas
    • Decommissioning and rehabilitation

Oil and gas production fields developed in the Perth Basin over the past 50 years include:

  • Dongara (in production)
  • Woodada (under care and maintenance)
  • Beharra Springs (in production)
  • Corybas (in production, one well field)
  • Hovea (under care and maintenance)
  • Jingemia (under care and maintenance)
  • Xyris (under care and maintenance)
  • Cliff Head (offshore, in production)

More than 200 wells have been drilled in the Perth Basin and AWE and its predecessor companies have successfully drilled more than 80 of those wells.